5 days in Japan: hidden gems

Explore Japan's hidden gems in 5 days, from the tranquil Kyoto mountains to the coastal beauty of Kanazawa, and the charming streets of Takayama.

Day 1

Kurama-dera Temple

A serene temple located in the mountains of northern Kyoto, offering stunning views and peaceful surroundings.

Day 2

Kibune Shrine

A picturesque shrine located along a river, known for its water blessing ceremonies and beautiful surroundings.

Day 3


One of Japan's top three scenic views, featuring a sandbar covered with pine trees stretching across Miyazu Bay.

Ine no Funaya

A quaint fishing village known for its unique boat houses lining the waterfront, offering a glimpse into traditional Japanese coastal life.

Day 4

Kenrokuen Garden

One of Japan's most beautiful gardens, featuring a harmonious blend of natural and man-made elements.

Higashi Chaya District

A historic geisha district with well-preserved wooden teahouses and narrow streets, offering a glimpse into Kanazawa's rich cultural heritage.

Day 5


A UNESCO World Heritage site known for its traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses, set in a picturesque mountain village.

Takayama Old Town

A beautifully preserved old town with Edo-period buildings, offering a glimpse into Japan's past.

Day 6

Matsumoto Castle

One of Japan's most beautiful original castles, known for its black exterior and unique architectural features.

Nakamachi Street

A historic street lined with traditional merchant houses, offering a variety of shops, cafes, and craft stores.

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