5 days in Rome, Italy: night life

An exhilarating 5-day itinerary exploring the vibrant nightlife of Rome, Italy. Experience the city's iconic landmarks by day and immerse yourself in its lively bars, clubs, and entertainment venues by night.

Day 1


A charming neighborhood known for its vibrant nightlife, narrow cobblestone streets, and lively piazzas.

Day 2

Freni e Frizioni

A popular cocktail bar in Trastevere known for its creative drinks and lively atmosphere.

Day 3

Campo de' Fiori

A historic square that comes alive at night with bustling bars and restaurants.

The Drunken Ship

A lively bar in Campo de' Fiori known for its fun atmosphere and late-night parties.

Day 4

Piazza Navona

A stunning square known for its beautiful fountains and vibrant nightlife.

Bar del Fico

A trendy bar near Piazza Navona known for its chic ambiance and great cocktails.

Day 5


A vibrant neighborhood known for its nightlife, with numerous bars and clubs.

Akab Club

A popular nightclub in Testaccio known for its energetic atmosphere and diverse music.

Day 6


A trendy neighborhood known for its bohemian vibe and vibrant nightlife.

Necci dal 1924

A historic bar and restaurant in Pigneto known for its laid-back atmosphere and great food.

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