5 days in Australia: hidden gems

A 5-day journey through Australia, uncovering hidden gems and lesser-known treasures from coastal paradises to enchanting hinterlands.

Day 1

Royal National Park

Explore the second oldest national park in the world, offering coastal trails, lush forests, and serene waterfalls.

Day 2

Figure Eight Pools

Witness naturally formed rock pools in the shape of figure eights, a hidden coastal treasure.

Day 3

Hyams Beach

Famous for having the whitest sand in the world, this beach is a secluded paradise.

Booderee National Park

A lesser-known national park offering rich Aboriginal heritage, botanic gardens, and stunning beaches.

Day 4

Glass House Mountains

A series of ancient volcanic peaks offering hiking trails and panoramic views.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

A tranquil rainforest reserve with educational displays and stunning views of the Glass House Mountains.

Day 5

Springbrook National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage site with lush rainforests, waterfalls, and ancient trees.

Natural Bridge

A spectacular rock formation and waterfall located within Springbrook National Park.

Day 6

Daintree Rainforest

The world's oldest tropical rainforest, offering diverse flora and fauna, and pristine scenery.

Cape Tribulation

Where the rainforest meets the reef, offering stunning beaches and unique ecosystems.

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