5 days in Sydney, Australia: hidden gems

Explore the hidden gems of Sydney over 5 days, uncovering lesser-known treasures and local favorites in this vibrant city.

Day 1

Wendy's Secret Garden

A tranquil garden created by Wendy Whiteley, offering stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

Day 2

Balls Head Reserve

A serene bushland reserve with walking trails and panoramic harbour views.

Day 3

Cockatoo Island

A UNESCO World Heritage site with a rich history and stunning harbour views.

Barangaroo Reserve

A waterfront park offering scenic walking paths and cultural experiences.

Day 4

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

A historic reservoir transformed into a beautiful urban garden.

Centennial Parklands

A vast urban park offering diverse recreational activities and natural beauty.

Day 5

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

A UNESCO World Heritage site offering insights into Australia's convict history.

The Royal Botanic Garden

A stunning botanic garden offering diverse plant collections and spectacular harbour views.

Day 6

Chinamans Beach

A secluded beach offering calm waters and a peaceful atmosphere.

Middle Head Fortifications

Historic fortifications with stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

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